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What is Community Television?

Community TV is a television channel which presents programs which are usually prodced locally
within that TV station's service area. That TV station is operated by a local non-profit organization
which can provide production facilities and access.
It can be delivered to viewers by cable TV, satellite and over-the-air free broadcsats.

What is Cable Community Access TV?

Cable Community Access is similar to community television but it operated by the cable company,
found only on cable, and is funded by your cable TV subscription.

Is CHCO-TV owned by the cable company?

No. CHCO-TV has always been operated locally by St. Andrews Community Channel volunteers
since 1993, completely independent of the cable company.

What is LPTV?

LPTV stands for Low Power Television broadcasts. St. Andrews Community Channel expanded
its service to all of St. Andrews viweres on UHF channel 26 in November 2006.

What is UHF Television?

Just as AM and FM represent two types of radio "Channels", VHF and UHF do the same for television.
VHF are channels 2 - 13, while UHF channels are 14 - 69.
Cable channels on your TV are also numbered 14 - 125 on your TV.
To watch UHF channels your TV must be set to OFF-AIR, ANTENNA or CABLE-OFF.

These include:
Global-TV Saint John on Channel 21
CHCO-TV St. Andrews on Channel 26

Other free channels include: MPBN DT on Channel 13.1, 13.2 & 13.3

Most of these channels can be received with a modest antenna and without a monthly subscription.