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Play CHCO-TV BINGO every Tuesday at 7:00PM
Starting back September 11, 2018. Have a great Summer!

$100 Crazy T
$100 Any Two Lines
$100 All Around the FREE
$100 Any 2 Postage Stamps
$100 Any line with 4 Corners
$100 Letter X

Final Cover All Jack Pot Game
$3000 Full Card (in 49 balls called)

$2000 (in 50 or 51)
$1500 (in 52 or 53)
$1000 (in 54 or 55)
$500   (in 56)
$250   (57 or more balls called)

Red Herring Pub
The Video Shoppe
Lumber Jacks Subs - Saint Andrews
Riverside Grocery - St. Stephen
King Street Irving - St. Stephen
Milltown Irving
PharmaChoice - St. George
Black's Harvour FreshMart
WWE Smith's Country Store
Berty's Country Store
Watson's Home Hardware
All Scholten's locations:
Hanwell, Sunset, Riverside, Somerset, Loch Lomond & Oromocto
St. Marys Convenience
Wulastukw Convenience
Nevers Road Esso Convenience
Rainbow Car Wash / Petro-Can
Welsford Circle K
Castalia's Grand Manan
Rose & Pops
Moncton Area

By purchasing and playing a bingo card book, the player is agreeing to play by CHCO-TV Bingo house rules which may change without notice.

1. A bingo ball has to be verbally called to be valid.

2. The game will stop when a player phones in to announce a win. A Lucky Ball bonus win can only be claimed once per night and must be claimed immediately on a regular game win.

3. The player must identify the serial number, card number (free space number) and booklet number (upon request) to verify the winning card.

4. If the card is not a winning card, the game will proceed by drawing the next ball until another player phones in and a winning card is verified.

5. If there are multiple winners in one game the prize money will be divided equally to those winning with the fewest balls called. In this event the minimum prize will be one FREE booklet.

6. All winners will be declared BEFORE the first ball of the next game is called. It is responsibility of the player to phone in before the next game starts.

7. The winning card MUST be presented and surrendered to receive your bingo prize. Please write your name and phone number on the completed winning six-face sheet.

8. CHCO-TV BINGO is not responsible for books or sheets that could not be played, no exceptions.

9. CHCO-TV BINGO reserves the right to advertise and announce the winnerís name on the air, and to name the store where they purchased their books. The name announced will be the same name written on the cheque.

10. In the event of a complete power and/or transmission outage before 7 pm on Tuesday at the CHCO Broadcast Centre, TV Bingo will be postponed until the following Tuesday night. If an outage occurs during TV Bingo on Tuesday, we will wait one half hour. If the outage is not restored, we will continue Thursday night from where we left off. We will recap the game that was in progress and play the rest of the games. Any books bought in the interm are eligible only for the games that were not completed. Please note this does not include isolated power outages - please call after 8:30pm Tuesdays if verified isolated outages occur in your area.