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Please Email your comments on our programming to: local@chco.tv or send us a message on Facebook.

2024-01-22 15:12
Good afternoon.
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the interview that was posted on LinkedIn. It was the one with Miss Hogarth and Gary Irwin Kenyon. His methods for attaining a "Pathway to Stillness" were very inspirational. I was touched when I saw him directing the seniors in exercises tailored just for them. I look forward to seeing more interviews with the both of them. Miss Hogarth is the ideal person for this. She also has a very calming aura about her.
Susan Roberts

2023-12-27 11:30
Thank you for the great work you all do. I have spent 30 years in radio broadcasting and I know the importance of local. CHCO television does local very well!
Trish Hamilton

2021-12-21 14:58
Hi, I live in Oromocto, NB & tune in your station to watch Covid updates.
I just wanted to thank Vicki Hogarth for the excellent, professional job she does.
I retired from a telecommunications company after 34 years & know the importance in this field.
Merry Christmas !!
Marilyn LeBlanc

2021-10-15 11:11
CHCO is an essential source of news in NB. I watch CHCO when I need to find out what is going on in our local area.
They provide an unique take on issues that is not always carried on the nation networks. I appreciate the local programming.
I think it should be available to anyone in NB.
Thank you
Shawn Harrison
Saint John, NB

2021-10-14 20:33
CHCO offers a variety of programs valuable to sustaining the importance of independent local broadcasts in our province.
CHCO should be supported to continue their work AND expand their coverage area.
I live outside the CHCO coverage area and would welcome this station over the literally dozens of channels included in my cable package.
Tom Burns
Quispamsis NB

2021-10-14 19:45
I wanted to share my heartfelt support for CHCO and its programming. Having a local and independent source for news
and local information, all delivered in a professional and polished manner, is something that I value and that I find to be rare.
I very much enjoy the programming and being able to access content through social media as well as via television.
I would welcome even more coverage from CHCO!
Anthony English

2021-10-14 23:36
New Brunswick depends on local news programs for accurate and relative news, Covid-19 information and
dynamic productions in collaboration with community. More New Brunswickers need to be able to have access to this television outlet.
More communities will benefit and become informed while enjoying top quality shows! Personally I appreciate how CHCO connects me with community.
Thank you for considering this letter of support.
Kim Atkinson
St. Stephen, NB

2021-10-05 16:22
Hi, We are Bell customers currently and watch CHCO regularly on channel 26.
They provide vital information as well as wonderful local programming to New Brunswickers.
Hoping the other providers, Rogers and Shaw, will also be offering this chanel to their New Brunswick customers.
Thank You
Jamie and Paulette Ryan
Fredericton, NB

2021-10-05 15:09
I wanted to let you know how much my husband I appreciate your program.
We live in Saint John, but tune in to your channel for any important updates that pertains to our region/province.
We also follow CHCO via Facebook and can count on an update there.
We would like to give a shout out to Vicki Hogarth. We thoroughly enjoy her as the host.
She is very pleasant, and never comes off as being judgemental on negative. Vicki gives us information in a clear, professional tone.
We also know that we can submit questions, that she may use. How great is that! We think she is wonderful.
Especially when we are awaiting for the press meeting to start and there is a delay. She fills in the gap perfectly.
Thank you Vicki for all you do. Keep up the good work.
Yours Truly,
Paul and Kim Whittaker
Saint John

2020-07-21 08:24
Hi, I live in Fredericton Northside - How do I get your channel on Rogers TV ?
Vicky Stewart

2020-06-14 05:49
Thanks so much for broadcasting and posting a video of the SJDA Awards last night. Great job!!
Our friends and relatives outside of NB were able to watch it.
Gregor Reid

2020-04-20 12:30
First I want to say how much we appreciate your stations' airing of the daily PNB Coronavirus updates.
When we first started watching the updates, French to English translation was provided however lately the translation service has not been provided.
Just wondering why the translation is not being provided? and, if it would be possible to have the translation provided.
Stay Safe, Anne

ANSWER: We decided to use the media pool feed which has better quality picture and the "floor" audio feed better serves both linguistic communities.